Concept Art–Century

Concept Art--Century

This dude is one of the Century, the empire’s police force in Silence (Century, get it? Like, sentry?) Century are badass, Judge-Dredd-type dudes that pretty much make up the law as they go along. Their visors (the black thing over his face in the picture) are basically smartphones (You know in the Iron Man movies, when you just see Robert Downey Jr.’s face and a bunch of holographic targets and computer screens? It’s pretty much that.) and they’re always carrying their own personal arsenal. Century aren’t really a big part of the plot in the first story–they’re more symbolic than anything–but in the second, where the revolution takes place, they’re like, half of everything.

(Btw, I just photoshopped this from a bunch of pictures on google images. I definitely don’t own this picture)


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