Celestial Explosion!!@!

Celestial Explosion!!@!

This dude’s face is art.

Like, literal art. I it out of an awesome black-and-white I found on google. The rest is just generic pop pictures. The abs of Taylor Lautner. The shoulders of another actor from some street-fighting movie. And then the legs of a black and white tap-dancer.

Originally, I intended this to be one of the Celestial, but he ended up looking totally Dragon Ball Z. Which, to be fair, is actually not that far off the mark. I mean, Silence and Dragon Ball Z are the only two stories I know of that combine androids, magic, slightly-unbelievable-as-in-unbelievably-awesome-fight-scenes, and rivals ending up fighting on the same side (But no aliens in Silence).

So yeah, just an artist’s rendering of his stories super-powered wizard dudes. Hope you get as much checking it out as I did photoshopping it! 


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