Welcome to Your Brain (How to get People to Follow You)

Thank you!! Every single one of you 104 badass bloggers!! You all have a place in my heart!! (Said place might be slightly covered in my blood). In honor of breaking 100 followers, I decided to write a quick post highlighting ways to get followers!

Welcome to your brain (and my heart).

Step 1:

These beginning steps are probably the same as every other blogs’ first steps, so you know this is some pertinent info: Make sure what you’re writing is something you’d actually want to read!!

And this is the internet, where everyone is ADHD. So write in sound bites.

And tag it right!

And don’t forget! I believe in you! (translation: in an environment of information overload, style is all you got)!!

Step 2:

                                Set up your About page!

Promise you, if I like your post that’s the first thing I click. At least give me a sentence, mmkay?                

Step TRES:


                                Click on Freshly Pressed.

                                Find the category/tag that you’re most into (ex. I like Books, Musings, Writing)

Click that Category! That’ll take you to the most recent posts in aforementioned Category!

Then scroll down and wait for a title to grab you!

READ that grabber! Then you LIKE that post! It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t your thing, it still caught your interest and gave you something you didn’t have!

Step 4

When those random thoughts pop into your head while you’re reading, you click the comment box and type that mothah trucker out!


You have to read the rest of the post before you commit!

Think about it; what if you  assume you know what you’re about to read from that one, crackling line that sticks out. Then, after you hit enter, you realize that it was sarcastic!

Dude. Dick move.

-1 bro points. Do that to me and I’ll probably spend the weekend hiding in a cushion fort, crying my freaking eyes out!

So then why, you ask, do you write the comment down in the first place if you’re just going to go back to reading?!


This is the internet. Where everyone is ADHD.

If you’re thinking about what you want to say, you aren’t reading the letters you’re supposed to think! Gotta let it out, before you can take it in.

That’s the polite thing, see?

Step 5

Someone comments on your blog or follows your blog you are obligated to check out their about page! (and you should at least try with the likes) However, if their About page says that generic thing that they say… sometimes… then you are NOT obligated to check out any of their posts! (See step 2)

You gotta treat others the way you want them to treat you, before they’ll treat you the way you want them to want to treat you!

Well, I’m off to bed now (I didn’t actually edit this, sorry it’s so rough)! I love you guys! Stay awesome! And blog your souls out!

Nighty nigh…t….



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