Silence is quite possibly the most badass story you’ll ever have the chance to read (claim might be slightly biased). First page in, you’re surrounded by a pack of murderous criminals. Scramble your way through them and about half a dozen more firefights and you make it to the cyborg assassins and unholy magics. Follow the conspiracy to its end, though, and you’re facing down an omnipotent demon. Not to mention the Intrasentient Empire itself.

Silence used to be up here for free, but I had to take it down to keep it in the Amazon KDP program. But if you’d like to read free, send me a message (thecelestialequation@gmail.com) and I’ll shoot an electronic copy your way.

Love you guys.

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    • Thank you so much! Comments like these make my day (Technically, my night)! The writing/editing/photoshopping took about a year and a half, maybe? I ended up reading Silence so many times that I could recite about half of it. Only, it’d be totally out of order.

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    • Wow, thank you so much! I was just in Trigonometry, trying to figure out how to graph a circle into a triangle into a wiggle, and I was totally not getting it, but getting home and seeing your comment totally made up for it! And I’m not worried about timeframe at all really, I’m just ecstatic to have people reading this thing.

      Btw. if it’d be easier for you (or anyone else reading this comment) to get this story in ebook format, it’s free at:



  1. I was meant to leave some love here last night but I got stuck reading the prologue and chapter one! Couldn’t turn away from it, even though it was well past my bedtime. Glad I found the comment above, will definitely download the ebook.

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  2. Your book sounds interesting. Do I need a special reader for the ebook format? I have a Kindle app on my computer – I guess I could give that a go – meanwhile I’ve downloaded the rtf version (I just thought the ebook might be easier viewing).

    I admit, I’m not getting a lot of reading done at the moment, as I’m behind schedule with getting one of mine written (number 3 in the series – sci-fi), but I thought if I don’t grab this now, I’ll miss out. 😀


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    • I believe that Kindle uses the .mobi file, if that helps. And to tell you the truth, even if I somehow landed a publishing contract (unlikely) and Silence made it into Barnes and Nobles (even more unlikely), I’d want to keep this version of the first book up for free. So, timewise, no worries! 🙂

      Now I’m going to check out your series! I can’t believe you’ve written three books! I seriously can’t imagine all of those words!


      • First up, thank you for that information. It’s lovely of you to keep your first book for free, that’s very generous.

        Thank you, too, for checking out mine. 😀

        Yes, I know what you mean about words – I write double books with two stories intertwined, which makes for big ones. Book one is a large paperback size (also out in Kindle) 600 pages and a whopping 170,000 words.

        The second is slightly smaller, and I’m still working on the third (due out in July).


        By the way – my first book goes out free for five days every three months. Amazon/Kindle won’t allow anything more (otherwise it would be free all the time).

        The next freebie session is due early April and I’ll put up plenty of notification for it on my blog. I just wanted to let you know that.

        Cheers to you! 🙂

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  3. I just downloaded the book, and I’ll read it next chance I get, but I have a huge backlog of books I need to go through first and the first chance I’ll probably get to do it will be in late July. Keep an eye out on my blog for your book to be reviewed though!

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  4. What’s new, Celestial? And how’s that book doing? My friend said it could use a little smut (he says this about every book), but overall, enjoyed it. I haven’t managed to read it in full just yet, but I give you a shout out to my sci-fi nerdy friends when I can. Everyone is really into the layout.

    Miss you, dude.


    • I miss you too! I haven’t seen any of your posts in my reader for forever! Whenever I’m inside your stuff, I feel alive, like I’m back in high school! It’s like crack mixed with nicotine!

      Thanks for reading my ms though, and for giving it a shout out! I agree with your friend, Sheikoh definitely could use some smut, seeing as he literally doesn’t have a penis (anymore)!

      I started writing a new story, just for fun, about a cute, lil’ strawberry scientist and a cat wizard, and it turned into the most beautiful fucked-up kind of monster I’ve ever written! It’s only eight pages, but I love it so much!

      What’ve you been up to?


      • Your new story sounds like something from a nightmare.

        I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve lost count of how many damn times I’ve needed to rewrite my first book. I’m hoping the project meets deadline, but it turned out sexier than I’d intended.

        Also been doing a lot of reading. Wrote a post recently. I have to keep on top of this blogging thing, but I’ve been away. Am back now. Look forward to more deranged stuff from yours truly :).


  5. I am very impressed by your talent. Good for you!!! What an incredible job you have done!!! Thank you for visiting me over at Petals Unfolding, and I do wish you all the best with your career!! Many Blessings, Amy


  6. if you would like me to review your book send me a copy with your information and I will schedule you in and post on my page and FB page and also post it on the FB blogs I subscribe too as well
    katsindiebookblog at gmail dot com


    • You are totally picking it up at the right time; I just finished a huge round of edits and cuts (to make the boring parts less boring), I ended up taking out almost 9,000 words!

      Basically, thank you for taking a chance, man!! Seriously!! I really hope you like it!!! :))


      • Are you kidding? I’m not bored, I have plenty to read but you got me at “stories with magic, demons, cyborgs, androids, plasma guns, genetically-modified animals, and emotionally-crippled teenage hero(es) with dubious morals” Yeah, that pretty much sums me up. I’m not a typical reader. I’m betting the “boring” parts would not have seemed boring to me. I’m looking forward to it!


      • Omg, speaking of dubious morals, I twisted my MC from, like, someone who turned to crime as a result of his environment into a borderline sociopath! And it’s horrible how fun it was!

        Btw, when you get around to reading it, I’d adore any feedback! 🙂


      • I always give shout outs when I read a book. No worries there. And I have fun doing horrible things to my characters. No issues hurting my darlings here. They all have questionable morals.


  7. FINALLY DOWLOADED IT. lolz, i think i totally spammed your blog with comments today. XD i think you might have about a million notifications from me.

    anyway, finally gonna read this—i need to start reading again, and what better way than with your book, am i right? yes i am. 😛

    ….. imma share this again. XD

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    • I can’t argue with you there, haha! By the way, did you know you happen to be the best person in all of the world?

      I’m sorry it took me a million years to respond!! I just got back from vacation (Hawaii is so awesome that it scares me :o)!! You’re the first person that’s made me smile since I got off the plane ride from hell. I thought I’d just sleep all the way through cause it went from 7pm-8am, but apparently that’s when the babies start to scream 😮

      Seriously though, thanks!! You made my day!! :))))))))

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