Table of Contents

Part I

Chapter 1 (West Sider Story): 

Chapter 2 (The Ganglord):

Chapter 3 (A Glimpse of Magic):

Chapter 4 (Ambushing the Ambush):

Chapter 5 (Know Thy Enemy):

Chapter 6 (Skin Deep):

Chapter 7 (Once Upon a Crime):

Part II

Chapter 8 (The Renegade Celestial):

Chapter 9 (Council of Criminals):

Chapter 10 (Offhand):

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12 (Sanatous):

Chapter 13 (The Line Between Life and the Lifeless):

Chapter 14 (A Sycrarian’s Curse):

Chapter 15 (Hope in the Face of a Hellfire Angel):

Chapter 16 (Sycrarian Silence):

Chapter 17 (Pain and Stone Raindrops):

Part III

Chapter 18 (Aftermath):

Chapter 19 (The Celestial and the Sycrarian):

Epilogue (Back from Beyond the Beyond):

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