Chased by the law, hounded by cutthroats, Silence (Sheikoh) survives to bear the memory of the girl he couldn’t save from herself–the girl he still can’t help but love, Emili Wray. But when he gets caught up in a magical conspiracy, love is given a second chance . . .

The Celestial Equation is set in a world where:

  1. When certain people (Celestial) grow into adolescence, they become able to manipulate transdimensional energy
  2. Throughout time, an empire has maintained control of both the entire world and the Celestial
  3. Science evolved around emulating magic. Particle physics, observational techniques, and fusion generators make things like plasma weapons generally accessible, but simple steam powered machinery/clockwork/assembly lines are relatively new (instead of cars, they ride around genetically-modified horses).

The resulting society is structured like our 1800s. People dress in petticoats and ride horses around, plasma pistol in holsters and a monocle (which is a version of a smartphone) over an eye.

PS- I’d totally be super grateful if anyone were to review it. Help with visibility and what not. :)))

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    • Hahaha, no, don’t change yours! That first paragraph was super vague on purpose; your story is probably completely different! The real story is… out there. I took a step back and tried to tell the parts of the story that are, like, commercial–the ones that’ve been done before.


      • I don’t even know how to say thank you to that! But I sorta feel like this story is too out there for most agents/publishers. I got so many rejections. In fairness, I did sort of use ‘dude’ in my best query.


      • Oh, man. You have to talk the lingo. You can’t be anything but a stuck-up prude in pitches. I was thinking of seeing if I can get the most ridiculous book I can think of published and see if I can get it to sell.

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      • That’s kind of why I’m doing what I’m doing now. Publishers and agents are just the middlemen, you know? If I can get to people without them, they’ll come back to me on there knees.

        So, we talking How I Learned to Grow ridiculous, or what? (I am, like, totally jealous of that 20k payout xD when I was trying to sell my book as an indie, it made… I don’t think it made anything.)


      • This was a long time ago. The web was a different place back then but it did prove rich people will basically buy anything. It sold about 20 copies on release day and the rest over 9 months (so not an instant success).

        It was actually going to have a slot on an American newspaper, but I declined. I could have been wealthy had I said yes, but then everyone would know me as the “mock-serious author”.

        All I can say is that self-publishing is a saturated market. You need an audience and you need to stand out. Write in some controversial content that might even get you some negative press, and you should have a decent-selling book.

        Even J.K. Rowling had a ton of negative press from Christians when she first released because her supernatural content was considered “of the devil”. Helped sell her work :D.

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      • I actually wouldn’t mind being a kind of mock-serious author. That’s pretty much my day-to-day. In high school, I wrote this story about a strawberry living in a world where anything had as much chance as a person in becoming a wizard (Like, that’s what brought the strawberry to life). And he was trying to science up a cure for whatever made his strawberry family lose awareness and movement. I wish I still had that.

        And it’s funny you should mention Christians and JK. Um, cause the main villain of this book is a demon named Khryzt (It’s not even symbolic or anything, I was just feeling extra-secular that day). Hopefully that won’t be the kind of negative press that destroys success.


  1. Hi there, thanks for liking my music. Buy the way your book look really interesting. I love the concept. I have also written a book, but I have yet to publish it online or off.


    • Whoa, nice! It’s awesome seeing another fellow guitarist/writer around! I wish you the best luck with getting your book published!

      A bit of personal advice, if you decide to go the traditional querying route, make sure you have everything–especially your query letter and first paragraph–completely, painstakingly edited. Even then, you have to be ready for rejections. Sending my work around was one of the most painful times of my life. But seriously, good luck!!! :)))))


  2. WHAT?!? I COULD’VE SWORN THAT I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE! but i see that i haven’t!! which is really weird because i seriously could’ve sworn that i have…. O_o

    anyway, OFF I GO TO READ!

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