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(Tyler Vance, the author of Silence, is a 19-year-old college student from The Woodlands, Texas. He’s hoping that Silence will launch a writing career, but if it doesn’t, he’ll probably end up doing something in some business. His two favorite shows are Dexter and Adventure Time.)

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    • Haha me too! Every single person is like a time/space parallel though, because a person’s thoughts are like a personal universe in and of themselves! And if there are, like, individualized micro-impulses, then they might have their own “mental” universes in some kind of quantum sense 😮


  1. Personally, I think so. Like, our thoughts and emotions, sensations and ideas are all relative to what’s happening around us, right? Every single word we write, or even think, is defined by a language thought up a thousand years before any of us were born. Every feeling and has been experienced, every sensation has been sensed, every train of thought has been explored, and that, to me, is, like, what it’s all about. Living for life’s sake, feel?

    We get so much out of an experience that it’s easy to forget that it affects more than us. A tree doesn’t just fall if there’s someone with it in the forest. Metaphysically, we could never prove that it didn’t wait until we were out to sight and then, like, teleport into the dirt, To say that something is only happening because we’re here to witness it is. like, super arrogant.

    I mean, if all the people on earth just decided to abandon this planet forever, that wouldn’t stop volcanoes or earthquakes or whatever, right? The sun wouldn’t disappear the moment we let it out of our sight. The universe created us. I mean, we created ourselves, and living is about growing and learning and evolving into more than what we are. Life is the secret god at the center of every religion every aspect of spirituality, right? Because without life, spirituality could never come to be?

    I guess that’s what I mean by parallel universes. The disconnection between awareness and uncountable sparklets of energy creating everything around us. Then, if you accept that your mind is its own parallel universe, than that means that every mind in the universe is a parallel universe as well! Feel me?

    You know that one statement that’s impossible to disprove? “I think, therefore I am?” Here’s mine (you can’t prove it, but this is something I’m willing to put my faith in): “Everything that happens, happens.”

    Also: “Screw you metaphysics!!”

    Sorry this is so long! This might become a post xD I was re-exploring a line of thought from a conversation me and my philosophy teacher had a while back (Tim, if you’re reading this, I love you, man)!

    Thanks for bearing with me daveed 🙂


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